We left Hilton Head after a good day of sightseeing and exploring, we were having a great time there but we needed to be moving on. After a grueling day of narrow passages and shallow water we stopped for the night on Kilkenny Creek not far from the town of .. wait for it yes Kilkenny. We anchored on a low tide among 3 other cruising sailboats, we had plans to go to the bar/restaurant called Marker 107 for dinner. A big ¬†cold front made a change in our plans that evening, the temperature dropped rapidly and the winds were blowing. I had plenty of anchor chain out for the low tide, but add 7 feet to that and it was not enough. So all night long I got up every few minutes to check to be sure we weren’t being blown away. The anchor held, no problems, but no sleep. The big north winds¬†continued the next day so we stayed put. Thursday we tried to anchor behind Lanier Island which is next to St Simons Island, which is close to Brunswick, Georgia, but our anchoring guide was wrong about the depth, it was too deep. So we got a slip at a nearby marina and had a marvelous meal at Coastal Kitchen. This morning we left and went outside the ICW to Jacksonville, we got here early, could have gone further but I was really exhausted from hand steering (autopilot broke again). So its an overcast drizzly rainy day, but its warm FLORIDA rain!


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  1. Ray Catalucci says:


    Hope all is well. Andy is here installing a new laptop for Emily.

    Enjoy retirement. We all miss you.