Black Hills and Beyond

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Bad Lands, SD

Bad Lands, SD

Our Bird top up

Our Bird top up

45 T'Birds

45 T’Birds

Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse Monument

Old Faithful 1

Old Faithful before

Old Faithful 2

Old Faithful erupting

Bison Custer Park

Bison up close and personal

Grand Canon Yellowstone

Grand Canon of Yellowstone

Upper Falls Yellowstone

Upper Falls Yellowstone

2 Medicine Glacier NP

2 Medicine at Glacier NP

Glacier NP 2

Glacier NP

We had a wonderful time with new Thunderbird friends we meet in the Black Hills of South Dakota. If you never have gone there you will be surprised how amazing it is. We saw Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Mountain, personally we liked Crazy Horse better but both were spectacular. Then we did a day in Custer’s State Park, wow amazing scenery. The club rented jeep s for a safari ride through the park, we saw all kinds of wildlife but the most amazing was the Buffalo (actually Bison). At one point we were up close and personal (5 feet away) to a herd of a thousand of these huge animals; they seemed to ignore us but you never know… The most fun was a ride through an area called Needles Road with 45 Thunderbirds in tandem with tops down and twisting trough 90 degree switch back roads, narrow tunnels through sheer rock and incredible scenery all around. After leaving our friends we drove to Grand Teton NP clean across Wyoming, we did some hiking and saw amazing beauty especially Jenny Lake where we hiked up the side of a mountain called Inspiration Point. The next day we drove the figure 8 loop of Yellowstone stopping along the way to see wild animals (bison, deer, elk, and eagles) and of course geysers, waterfalls and beautiful mountains. The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone was our most memorable spot. The next day a seven hour drive to Glacier NP were we went to 2 Medicine Lake, a mountain lake named after an Indian Princess. A cool waterfall with tall rocky mountains all round and a high in the mountains lake that was unfortunately closed for the season for boating (55 degree days, 25 degree nights, burr) but open for wilderness camping and hiking. The Go-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier NP was breath-taking, although it was a cool 48 degrees we had to ride through with the top down. We just got to Banff, AB Canada, details to follow. Some of the most memorable parts of our journey has been the highway, most have been along 2 lane roads that twist and turn but the views all around were way different than Maryland or Florida.

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