For those that have followed our adventures sailing, thank you. But the boat is on the hard, I am keeping my fingers crossed that no hurricanes come ashore in Florida. We will be getting the boat ready for  a new adventure when we come back from this cross country trip. Not in a boat but a car! We purchased a retro 2003 Thunderbird, if you have never seen one they are similar to the old 1955-57 Birds but with air conditioning and all the features of a modern car except it’s a 2 seat convertible. So we left Saturday Sept 5, 2015 to meet up with about 45 other retro Birds that will come from all over USA and Canada in Mitchell, SD to spend a week exploring all the parks of South Dakota. After we bid good-bye to our new made friends we will continue on to Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Glacier National Parks. Then we go to Canada to visit the Canadian Rocks around Banff, then a short visit in Vancouver. Finally we spend a week sailing in a chartered sailboat in the San Juan Islands close to Puget Sound. Then we will once again jump in our little car and go 3000 plus miles to Maryland.


In 2 days we have driven over 1200 miles through 7 states and are on old Rt 66 in a small town in Missouri named Carthage. We are spending the night at Boots Court, it is a restored 1948 motel that’s really cute. Tomorrow we start heading to Kansas City and actually stopping along the way to explore.


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  1. Andy says:

    Yes – still following your posts. good luck on your latest adventure.