The Conch Shell Horn

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One evening everyone on our dock agreed to meet at the end of the dock, at sun down. to honor the island tradition of heralding in the end of the day by blowing the conch horn. ┬áThe conch shell is that pretty spiral shell that we all hope to find walking along the beach. ┬áThe one you put to your ear to hear the ocean. We had about 7 horns altogether. Each horn had been made by it’s owner. Depending on the size of the shell, each horn had it’s own sound, low to high. It’s a bit of silliness, but also fun. Let’s face it, when was the last time you blew a conch shell?? The gathering turned into a happy hour.

For the best sound quality, choose a shell that is at least 7 inches long or longer. When all signs of the original inhabitants are gone, wash the shell in a solution of water and bleach. Saw off the pointed end to the size of a dime. Open the hole a bit with a drill. Use a fie or sand paper to create a smooth lip. This is the mouth piece of the horn. Then, practice, practice, practice.

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