Wrightsville Beach, NC

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It warmed up nicely, close to 70 today but still in we are in long pants and sweatshirts. That beats wearing long johns and and extra shirts. So after Oriental we motored and sailed past Moorehead City and spent the night in Swansboro, NC. After a nice hot shower we toured this great little town then had a yummy scrimp dinner that Virginia got fresh off the scrimp boat. This morning we continued south along the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW) carefully watching that temperature gauge making sure no more overheating. The ICW is suppose to have a minimum of 10 foot depths and the bridges are suppose to be at least 65 foot high, so our boat with 4.2 foot draft (depth required) and 54 foot high mast should be ICW friendly. Well the bridges are not always 65 feet, but never have I seen any less than 63 feet. The depth is a problem and today we ran aground in Browns inlet at G61-A (a green buoy), we were in the middle of the channel but it was less than 4 feet deep. We were stuck there for half hour or so, then finally I was able to drive off. I thought I was going to have to use Towboat US again. They did respond and were about to sent a boat, but I called them back and told them not to come.

Tonight we are at anchor behind Wrightsville Beach, we saw a gorgeous sunset and the lights from all the buildings reflecting off the water is truly amazing.

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