We got underway a little after 8 this morning several friends from the marina saw us off. We are sailing  down the bay making 7 knots average on a beam reach . Goodbye to our Holiday Hill and Tartan Sailing Club friends we hope to be back on the bay next year.

Friday Oct 18 We have stopped for the night on Mill Creek in Solomon’s Island, very peaceful and quiet little cove.

Saturday Oct 19 After reviewing the weather we left Solomon’s knowing the wind was against us but it should be light from the southeast. WRONG it was  SE but hard 18 knots most of the way, if you look at our track you’ll see we tacked the whole way to Reedville, We anchored in a quiet cove called Sandy Point, nice newer houses along the shoreline we have the place to ourselves.

Sunday Oct 20 We commented about how much warmer it was in Reedville, thank goodness we were tired of those cold Maryland nights. And then the front came through around 3am and the north wind was whipping up white caps in our quiet cove and the temperature dropped 20 degrees.. Brrr we need Florida. After a late start we sailed to Deltaville looking forward to a nice meal in town but most restaurant’s were closed we called Cocomos left messages but no-one called back. Oh well another amazing meal Virginia whipped up.

2 Responses to “The Start going South”

  1. Laura says:

    Wahoo glad to hear y’all are off to a timely and safe start 🙂

  2. Mike says:

    Bob & Virginia

    Glad to see your on the way.

    I assume that the injectors were up to snuf.

    We are in Fairfield TN, checking out a potential retirement area.

    Mary and I will keep watching your progress.