Sharks, don't swim here!

Sharks, don’t swim here!

Here piggy, piggy, piggy

Here piggy, piggy, piggy

Just when you think you know a place, its signature so to speak, you come to realize you didn’t know it well at all.

Our guidebook describes the Exumas as an “emerald necklace” of islands. As  we sail south, passing island after island (small uninhabited islands), I can see this is a very apt description. Our destination is Warderick Wells Cay.  When we arrive, we see that the island has formed a perfect semi-circle. The water is a rainbow of turquoise, green, and to our surprise periwinkle (purple to all you non gardners). This spot is utterly natural and pristine. In a word “exquisite”.

The Bahamian government set aside 176 square mile area known as Exuma Cay Land and Sea Park, as a land and marine protected area. Warderick Wells lies within this area.  NO FISHING, NO TAKING ANYTHING OFF THE LAND, NO MESSING WITH THE WILDLIFE, NO TOUCHING, hefty fines if you do.

In the evening there was a cruisers gathering on the beach. We met a lot of wonderful people. There were three cruisers from Canada we ended up traveling with over the following week. What a good time.

Valentines Day we invited our friends over for breakfast. We had just gone to the local bakery the day before, so we had fresh coconut bread, eggs with salsa and fresh fruit and coffee. We all went out to dinner that evening to a wonderful local place right on the beach. The bakery and restaurant are actually part of the house these people live in. The kitchens are tiny, but the food they make is D-lish! We love the local places. Well actually at this point every place is a local place.

Our next stop was Stanley Cay. We took a dinghy ride to the other side of the island. You will never guess what we saw. Swimming pigs!! I told you, you would never guess. We have pictures. They live on the island. It’s all natural, no gimmicks. They will swim out to your dinghy looking for food because people feed them. When one started swimming toward our dinghy, I told Bob to “TAKE OFF”.



3 Responses to “The Exumas”

  1. Mike & Anne says:

    Sounds wonderful Bob and Virginia. Live ON!

    Mike & Anne

  2. Larry and Tracy Lambert says:

    Wow, all the way to Wardrick Wells already!. We are still stuck in Florida, because coulod not get earlier haulout date for our bottom job. Just got hauled out today at Murelle Marine in Lantana, and will be here all week. Then hopefully only a couple days before heading down to miami and across to the Bahamas. May meet family in Nassau March 14th-ish before heading through the exumas, off to the outer islands and then Turks and Caicos and farther south – so will have to catch up with you some time down the road. Hope Elizabeth passed on some of Larry’s tips he gave her before leaving MDVIP. Enjoy Thunderball and the fried conch at Staniel. Snorkle the undersea garden, (I think near Cambridsge key, and right across from Jonny Depp’s island) before heading out of the area!


    Larry (from MDVIP) and Tracy Lambert
    SV Soulmatie (41 Morgan Out Island)

  3. Claire Mickelson says:

    Virginia, I am so happy for you! It looks like you and Bob are having a marvelous time; enjoy your freedom. Please keep up the wonderful blog posts; I look forward to them and enjoy them thoroughly along with your photos. Fair winds and following seas!