Oriental NC

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Our trip from Annapolis to Norfolk was all anchoring every night, but from there it has been spending cold nights at a marina. But we arrived here at Oriental at sunset, so we just dropped an anchor in the crowded little harbor because we did not want to try to tie up to slip in the dark. One advantage of staying in marinas is we can plug in an electric heater, it has been pretty cold and tonight is no exception.

Yesterday we had engine problems on a narrow canal called the Alligator and Pungo Canal. The engine was overheating and an alarm went off that made a shrill whistle sound, at first I didn’t have a clue what that noise was but I figured it out and shut down the engine. Now we have no propulsion because the wind is blowing straight down the canal and not enough room to sail and no engine. A brand new boat called Nauti Grands stopped to help, they got us over to the side and we set an anchor. Then we called Towboat US and an hour later they hooked us up and towed us 10-15 miles to a small marina in called River Forrest in Belhaven, where our good Samaritan friends (Nauti Grands) were also staying. So we went into town and had fine dinner together. The overheating problem was fixed this morning so we headed out around 11 and got to Oriental and at the dock we see Nauti Grands! Our plans are to spend tomorrow to replenish.

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