We needed to resupply and wait out some strong winds, so we headed back to Georgetown and got what we needed. We headed north on Exuma Sound on Sunday, for an almost perfect sail to Little Farmers Cay. The wind was blowing from the  south-west and we were going north,  a beam reach all the way. We picked up a mooring ball from Farmers Cay Yacht Club and headed ashore. We walked to the settlement, with only 55 people on the island and a pretty small island to boot, we figured it would be a short hike…wrong. After carefully crossing a narrow wooden bridge over a creek, we were warned not to step on the rotten boards, the paved road lead to a small town. The was a church, grocery store and 2 restaurants, we missed seeing J.R. Tinker’s wood carving shop because it was Sunday, but we did see some of his work at Ocean Cabin. Ocean Cabin is one of the restaurants that just happen to have the bar open as we were coming through town. The owner, Terry, kept us entertained for hours telling us about his life on this small island. It turns out he not only left home at the age of 7 to live with an aunt and attend school in Nassau, then later got a degree in history there. He was extremely knowledgeable on most any subject, had been a world traveler and we enjoyed our visit there, but we had dinner reservations at 7 back at the yacht club. And what a great lobster dinner it was.

We will be leaving here in an hour or so and head to Staniel Cay to snorkel in the Grotto we missed the last time. Future plans are to go to Cat Island, 50 miles east of us then continue on north to Eleuthera and finally Bimini before heading back to Florida.

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  1. Mike & Mary says:


    May & I do so enjoy your Blog.

    We spent a week in the Fl Keys.

    Several times we looked to the south east and yelled real loud but didn’t see ya.

    We are in Jacksonville now touring Amelia Is.

    Don’t rush back it is cold.

    Congrats to Virginia on receiving the red “winners” hat.