Going North too Hot

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I can’t believe we spent so much time in Stuart, but we had things to get done. We spent 2 weeks or so in Fort Pierce doing boat maintenance, then we went to Sunset Bay Marina in Stuart. This is the same place we stopped briefly on the way down. We ended up staying almost 2 months here and we really loved it. I know it’s probably hard for non cruisers to understand because living in a house you have all the comforts of home!! At SSB we had those creature comforts if we want them, a beautiful lounge where we can watch TV or watch movies, or read books (hundreds of shared books) all in air conditioned comfort on those hot days with little wind. But there was only few really hot days, being on a mooring we had good wind to cool us off. They have a small store that has most everything (except groceries), but mostly it was the place to get the morning coffee, sit with some buddies on the porch and talk about whatever. The town of Stuart is short walking distance with many wonderful restaurants, Publix grocery store, and most any other store including Target and Walmart close by.

Anyhow, the major reason for being here was fix my tingling hand and jury duty. The jury duty was a piece of cake, I went and was called but it was a mistrial ¬†before it got started. The carpal tunnel syndrome took the whole time. But after seeing several doctors (ain’t medicare great) I finally get an appointment with a hand and shoulder doctor, I had the Endoscopic Surgery which is less invasive and the healing time is much quicker. It worked! Immediately after and up to today, 2 weeks later no tingling, and 75-90 use of my hand. So Thursday they ¬†took the stitch out and we’re underway Friday.

On our way up the ICW to Annapolis and hopefully Connecticut by August, then back here after the hurricane season.

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